Allergens and food intolerance can make it difficult to choose dishes in any restaurant menu. In Thai cuisine many of the subtle and complex flavours are achieved by ingredients on the Food Allergen hot list of 14 categories. That said, we pride ourselves on developing dishes to be suitable for allergen sufferers and, although the flavours may differ from the normal recipe, we still want you to confidently enjoy maximum taste with optimum safety.


We have published this list to highlight which of our dishes deliberately include known allergens; if you make us aware of an intolerance we will take all possible and reasonable measures to exclude the ingredient from your dish but please remember we have a kitchen, not a laboratory, and it would be impossible to prevent (for example) all traces of peanut dust from the kitchen environment. Please ask us for advice if you have any concerns or doubt – a living, breathing customer is a happy customer and we’re all about happy customers.